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    Chaos Euphonic began as an online collaboration between guitarist Ric Newsom and bassist Lucas Hrynyshyn in 2022. The duo explored their mutual love of various artists from A Place to Bury Strangers to Nine Inch Nails, creating the bones of what would become their song "Traction" as their initial foray into the unknowns of noise rock.

    They then recruited singer and guitarist Adam Clarke into the project, feeling that his dynamic vocal style and melodic sense would stand out among the singers typical to the genre. The trio wrote songs together throughout 2023 in their downtown Toronto apartments using loops and drum machines to get by for the time being. Finally drummer Maher Mikhail of Atusa came aboard, bringing the much needed energy and groove to fully actualize what they'd been hearing in their heads all along.

    Born as the bastard child of noise rockers like METZ, the bombastic groove of Rage Against the Machine, introspective oddities like Radiohead and genre-blenders like Incubus, the four-piece produces a sour-turns-sweet mix of sounds exploring the beauty to be found in disarray.